Court Cases

Utility Disputes With Debtor Customers
In re Am. Pad & Paper, 478 F.3rd 547 (3rd Cir.); In re Delta Towers, 924 F.2d 74 (5th Cir.); In re Monroe Well, 69 B.R. 58 (E.D. Pa.); In re Pilgrim’s Pride Co., 421 B.R. 231 (Br. N.D. Tx.); In re Best Products, 203 B.R. 51 (Br. E.D. Va.); In re Monroe Well, 83 B.R. 317 (Br.E.D. Pa.); and In re Trans Am., 79 B.R. 663 (Br.S.D. Tx.).

Utility Rates & Regulatory
LP&L v. Ackel, 616 F. Supp. 445 (M.D. La.); Phila. Sub. Wat. Co. v. PUC, 427 A.2d 1244 (Pa. Comwlth Ct.); Tripps Park Civic Assn. v. PUC, 415 A.2d 967 (Pa. Cmwlth Ct.); Peoples Natural Gas Co. v. PUC, 415 A.2d 937 (Pa. Cmwlth Ct.); and UGI v. PUC, 410 A.2d 923 (Pa. Cmwlth Ct.).